Thursday, October 21, 2010

3D Modular Critique

Coffee Anyone?

After getting to class Monday and finding my project on the floor, I really didn't think there was any way to redeem it.  All the areas of definition were gone.  I worked on it at lunch and it looked a little better.  I continued working after class and was hit by a wave of inspiration.  I think the fall was an improvement.

I enjoy the critiques because I learn so much and hope I will soon feel more comfortable in the 3D area.  The good parts of my project were the movement and the feeling of being suspended in the air.  The top part and the back side were the best because they didn't have as much stuff and there was a better balance of receeding and extending in and out of space.  The hole was too deep for some but then others liked being able to see through from different view points.  The different shades of white caused by denser areas and the shadows cast were a plus.  The occasional ruffles also added interest.

The things that I could have done better were extending the design even more.  There were areas that appeared too thin and looked like a side instead of a complete 360 degrees.  It would be better too if there were no hole or not as deep.  As I worked it was difficult to know when to stop.  As soon as I got one area balanced, another was unbalanced by what I had just done.  I began to think this thing was going to morph into a big white monster and so I stopped.

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