Saturday, October 2, 2010

3D Final Cardboard Critique

Pine Cone  Mission Accomplished!

I will never look at a pine cone the same way again.  This was a very detailed project but I enjoyed the process.  The critique was buzzing with creative energy and I learned so much from seeing through everyone else's eyes.  My comfort zone has been in realism but I have been wanting to experiment with abstraction. 

Loved the scale!

Amber loves her fuzzy wuzzy

Critique by Lauren M, Ryan C., Josh B, Milah M, and Cara W.

The group said that the parts worked well together and that I had gotten the point across successfully.  I found that I lost the rhythm of the graduation of petal size at the end of the first third and then again toward the top.  I think I was working too closely and not taking time to stop and evaluate my next step.

It was decided that the texture was good and was crafted very close to the real object.  I noticed the more I handled the petals and abused them, the more realistic they looked.  In my own critique, I saw that I needed more petals at the center for fullness.

Not much abstraction here.

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