Tuesday, October 5, 2010

2D 16 + 10 Mark Making Sketches

I was in the zone all Sunday afternoon.  My husband kept asking me what I was banging on out there but he didn't get up from the football game to come see my efforts.  The more I worked the more ideas came to me.  Most did not work out but a few did.

I used a pencil eraser for these.  I really liked the mark they made and experimented with tape and suction cups.  The eraser did almost make holes in the paper.

These were made with this thing-a-ma-jig I found in my bathroom cabinet.  I don't remember what it is called.  I experimented with different ways to make marks with this one like striking, rolling, and continuous marks.

These are my least favorites.  I don't think this group is particularly strong.
I used a nail brush, folded paper, and different lengths of tape.

Loved this tool!  It is made with varying strands of paper clips and a pouncing motion.  At first I didn't like it at all, but after looking at it as I used other tools, I found I liked this one the best.

These are the 10 pencil sketches from class. 

These marks were made inside a roll of tape.  A very good exercise for those that have a hard time staying in a small space.  Thank you Kathy!

I made these with my pencil tray and pencils underneath the paper.

The same push/pull twirling technique with different music.  The first was the Japanese and the second was the Irish Jig.

Swirling circles with all the pencils and some folded paper.

I think the top one is a pencil twirl and the bottom is a two hand sketch.

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