Wednesday, October 20, 2010

2D Poster Critique and Final Two

Critique by Lauren Martin, Ryan Chriswell, Josh Berrios, Milah Moes, and Cara Wakefield

Mark as Meaning:

The group felt there was more than one emotion.  On one hand the darkness felt calming but after looking at the detail in the marks it looked more frenzied.  These details were neutral to masculine.  In the first, the intensity of the black space and the sweeping movement were indications of the masculine.  In the second, there is also some really dark space but it is more balanced by variations of dark to white.  The circular motion is intense enough that they did not see it as strictly feminine, so neutral seemed to fit best.  These marks were described as sounding like crashing waves and jeans rubbing together when someone is walking.  If the sound where a voice, it would be shouting or yelling and be one or just a few.  The real things they saw in the marks were a dragon, a snake, the ocean, and the human form, like an eye.  Lauren felt swirling.

Quote to Read:

They thought the quote was easy to read because the type was large enough. Ryan didn't like the type on the second choice because it felt very backwards to him.  Meredith helped us with this by holding some of our posters at a distance to see if we could still read them.  This made the decision easier.  The visual breaths and pacing between words read well and the words visually sounded like normal speech to them.

Quote as Mark:

In the first poster the quote felt separate from the image because it is centered in the lighter space and in the second they felt the words were a part of the image because it ran along the same line as the image.  The first also contrasts with the image in the light/dark with the text.  The second flows more with the text. 

Quote as Meaning:

This was difficult for the group because the meaning of the quote was ambiguous for them.  They felt it had no meaning.  Meredith suggested that it was more surreal and I would agree.  It is poetic language not speaking language.  The quote is from a song, so if they heard it, it might make more sense to them.  They did feel the quote read as they expected in both with the exception of Ryan, who felt the quote read backwards in the second poster.   The text worked well with the negative space.



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