Monday, October 4, 2010

2D Text As Texture and Critique


Critique by Tam W, Henry, Melissa W, Milah M, and Lauren M

My group didn't see much conflict, but I do in the outer paper rolls that are a different texture from the rest of the composition.   The frame of rolled paper adds focus to what is happening in the center.  The group also thought there was visual harmony and the principle of closure, which was reinforced by the frame and shadows cast on the wall.  In composition, there was a strong algorithmic influence and a perception of depth.  They saw a tunneling affect like a train tunnel or subway.  The elevation of the small square added more than leaving it flat.  The composition was better with the frame than without because it added more dimension to the piece.  As for the book, the craftsmanship was good and professional looking overall.  I had used a variety of textures and the texture I chose was the most effective for my composition. 

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