Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Inflatopia Festival Day

The Environment

Great day in spite of the heat and wind.  It was a shame we could not play the music any louder, but inside it was okay.  There was plenty of curiosity and many, many visitors, some even enjoyed dancing.  The less adventurous peaked inside but opted not to go in.  There was a group of middle school students who found the free glow sticks irresistible.  We even had a protester extolling the sins of our rave!  Feed back from the students was mostly positive and one long timer thought this was the best inflatopia festival so far.  Several faculty members came to check it out, including Dean Yarabeck.  I caught him getting his groove on.

John Yarabeck, Dean of Students

Dancers in motion

Adrienne assisting a visitor

Look!  Milah and visiting fellow WASHers

I was surprised that we didn't need to tie off the structure because of the wind.  Actually, the gusts made the inner experience more interesting.  Tying off the fan would have been a good fell over numerous time and there was a momentary deflation which was corrected as soon as the fan was picked up.  We did need to repair some stress points but they were minor.  The heat inside kept visitors from staying longer.  I don't know how we could have improved this issue on such a hot sunny day other than choosing a shadier spot.   Adrienne did add another small fan inside for better air circulation and Ryan (our music man inside) said it helped.  We had another large fan, but my concern was that it would increase the pressure on the seams even more since the structure was weighted with sand bags.  Also, we could have used several more black lights to illuminate the entire space.  Overall, it was a great experience.  After we finished unloading back at the WASH building, Cara, Adrienne, Milah and myself celebrated with a trip to Schlotzsky's for cinnabons and a big drink!

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