Thursday, November 4, 2010

3D Self Portrait Critique

This projected developed from a trunk full of old wood blinds.  In lecture, Bill commented about following the materials and not so much the words.  I had one of those "aha!" moments.  In other projects I had been trying to make the materials fit my purpose, which was not so successful.  This time I worked with what the materials could do and what a difference!  It all came together with less frustration and I actually liked the result.

From the critique, what was good about it: 
  • The color and shine of the balloons was an attention grabber
  • The movement of the balloons added a bit of drama
  • The balloon inside merged the two contrasting elements of the the shiny color with the flat color
  • Delicate, light, and airy
  • Geometric and squishy shapes
  • Evenly spaced balloons good
  • Looks like it was made by a female
  • Remove weight from balloons and use only fishing line
  • Bar code was a distraction
  • A section of the box was not aligned correctly


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