Sunday, September 26, 2010

Think Like A Dot

The Human Element - Part 4

This collaborative project included Cara Wakefield, Milah Moes, Josh Berrios, Josh Chriswell, Lauren Martin, and myself.  It started with our planning session and the lists we created for negative space, the human element, and documentation options.  We decided to use dots and collectively chose the two best options from each of our compositions.   


We decided that the ground would be a white sheet and we would be the objects.  I brought the sheet and camera, Lauren brought the black nail polish, several brought black hats, and we all dressed in black to transform our bodies into dots.  We began preparing for the photo shoot by painting our fingernails black.  Even Josh let Cara paint his nails. He was totally freaked out by this process and didn't appreciate the documentation but was a good sport. 


We weren't sure how all this was going to come together and had several failed attempts.  After we had exhausted all our ideas we asked Bill for some inspiration.  He removed our blocks by making a few suggestions and we were off to the races.  These are my photographic choices.

All this contorting and maneuvering was a bit tiring and we had to take a few breaks and have some fun.


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