Saturday, September 11, 2010

Squares and Form Interrelationship

It took me a while to disengage from the circles project and get the juices flowing for a new creative concept.  Kathy's drawing on the dry erase board helped eject me out of circles, circles, circles and into squares, squares, squares.  This project was more fun because the rules changed and created more possibilities by cropping, touching, overlapping, intersecting, interpenetrating, subtracting, coinciding, and union.

These are the two final sketches that I chose for playful and periodic because they clearly oppose each other.  The first sketch merges the form interrelationship of touching and the gestalt principle of continuance.  The objects come from outside and move across the frame.  There is tension because it feels like the small squares are about to topple.  The second sketch illustrates the interrelationship of interpenetration and also uses the gestalt principle of continuance.  The frame becomes part of the sketch and the motion recedes into the center.  Onward to part three!  

Playful and Periodic

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