Sunday, September 12, 2010


September 10, 2010 Lecture

Loved this lecture!  Breaking down the creative process into its attributes like sensitivity, organization, fluency, originality, productivity, and flexibility gave a deeper understanding of  how artists put their entire being into their craft.  I am in the blocked zone and understanding the psychological reasons for being in this space creates the awareness of how to get out of it.  What it all boils down to is fear.  Stresses like safety and security, emotional, intellectual, and cultural stresses can block the
the intuitive mind and keep the mechanical mind in charge.

To break out of the blocked zone make lists, take a walk, play silly games, let the mind wander.  In attacking a project, first you must understand the problem, subproblems/rules and second you must devise a plan. What language will you use, could you put idea to another use, could you adapt it by modifying, magnifying, rearranging, combining, or reversing? 

Creative Walk About

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